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Just for fun, let's create a side by side comparison of the amenities available at Cozy Colonial Cuenca Condo as opposed to a typical hotel room. These are important considerations when comparing and contrasting nightly fees.

Cozy Colonial Cuenca Condo or CCCC in Spanish sound like Si, Si, Si, Si! How can you say no to that?

 Cozy Colonial Cuenca Condo
  Most Hotels
 A full sized one bedroom apartment with a full bath and an additional half bath    One room with one bathroom
 24 hour security guard    Desk clerk
 Parking garage free of charge    Possibly for an extra fee $$
 Elevator    Possibly
 Fully Equipped Kitchen    Probably not
 Full sized refrigerator and freezer    Probably not
 Six burner stove    Probably not
Full sized oven    Probably not
Slow cooker (Crock Pot)    Probably not
Coffee maker and coffee    Maybe
Electric hot water pot and teas    Maybe
Sugar and honey    Maybe
Microwave oven    Maybe
Toaster oven    Probably not
Toaster    Probably not
 Pots/Pans    Probably not
 Cooking tools, storage bowls, dish towels    Probably not
 Dishes, glasses, silverware    Probably not
 Blender with food processor attachment    Probably not
 Juicer    Probably not
 Washer/Dryer combo    Probably not
 Living Room    Probably not
Breakfast bar with 2 hydraulic stools    Probably not
Television (No cable, but HDMI and USB)    Maybe
DVD Player w / 50 DVDs    Probably not
HDMI cable for connecting your own portable device to TV    Probably not
Dedicated shelf for portable device to TV    Probably not
Desk with bookcases - Brand new April 2017    Maybe
Coat closet    Maybe
Umbrella hanger    Probably not
Bathroom (WC) on the first floor    Probably not
Patio    Probably not

 Second Floor Bedroom

- adds privacy and extra space for couples

   Probably not
Queen sized bed    Probably not
Custom made sheets just for us    Probably not
Comforter - Brand new May 2017    Probably not
Extra blankets    Maybe
Bedside tables with reading lamps on dimmer switches    Maybe
An abundance of closet space    Maybe
Full Bathroom    Probably
 Shower (not electric hot water)    Maybe
 Full sized tub    Maybe
Bath towels   Probably
Hair dryer   Maybe
Extras   Probably not
Iron and ironing board   Maybe


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