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EVENTUALLY, when our booking system is moved to this site...When you make your initial reservation, our own booking system will require a 10% deposit thereby blocking the dates you want the condo keeping anyone else from trying to book it for that period.

Until then, please email us to make arrangements. 

Once we receive your reservation, we will send you an invoice within 24-36 hours detailing the balance and payment options. The balance due can either in one payment or split into two payments, but the entire rent is due in full fourteen (14) days before your arrival.

When making a payment or the outstanding balance with a credit card, you will do so by using PayPal, a secured website. Please note: you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this system. You can safely and securely use your credit card with PayPal; we will not get any of your personal data.

Click on the button below. The word "Donation" may be confusing. Please forgive PayPal, as this is their only option that allows entering specific amounts as opposed to standardized amounts. If you do not have a PayPal account, sign in as Guest. Info@BudaBaB shows at the top until we figure out how to change it.

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