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Availability: Please consult the online calendar; it remains current as soon as a deposit in made for a reservation.

Rates: You will find the daily cost of our condo is less than an average hotel in Cuenca, especially when you consider the additional expenses of dining out for all of your meals. If you stay a month or longer, there is a generously discounted month-rate for 30 consecutive nights or more, which will save you even more money! Compare for yourself...”How many hotel nights would I get for the same price?” or "What other accommodations have all the amenities Cozy Colonial Cuenca Condo has?" We doubt there are any.

Daily Rate 5 Night Minimum 1 or 2 People $57.00 *See note below
Week Rate 7 Night Minimum 1 or 2 People $371.00 $53.00 a night, a 7% savings
Monthly Rate  30 Consecutive Nights 1 or 2 People $929.00 $31.00 a night, a 45% Savings
Additional Nights  Each night beyond 30 consecutive 1 or 2 People  $30.00  

* Our booking engine is set to Euros by default for Budapest. When booking, change the currency in PayPal from Euros to US Dollars or write us to book manually.

If you are a member of Home Exchange or Homes Around the World, there may be possibilities for a home exchange.

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