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Regardless of where you travel, if you go by plane, you risk losing your luggage at some point. This infographic may be helpful, entertaining or both. For the rest of the story, you can find it here.



If you want to reduce the risk of lost luggage staying lost, consider this service at My Stuff Lost and Found  Okoban®. Global lost and found service.




Another service is E-Lost Bag.





An ounce of prevention is worth $1,000. Well an ounce of prevention and a tiny bit of money will net you big bucks if your luggage doesn't show up after 4 days.

For a $5 service fee, BRB pays $1,000 for each bag LOST by the airline after 4 days missing; no receipts for baggage contents required to receive payment. The only hitch here is that if you have multiple legs on a trip, you need to insure them for each flight. If you fly from Budapest to Amsterdam and then on to Newark before getting to Charlotte, the insurance will run you $20. However, this does cover all the luggage under your name. BRB does not signify Be Right Back if you want to collect the bucks.

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