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Medical and dental tourism is becoming globally popular. Interestingly, Cuenca is fast becoming a hotspot for dental and medical tourism. Dentists and doctors here are highly trained, their work is on par with the world's best dentists and doctors, and the cost is significantly lower.

Be advised we have no personal experience with any of the information provided here. We do not contract with any of these sources. It is given as a resource only, so each person needs to do their own investigation to find what is best for them.

If you feel you need a medical advocate, there is Medical Tourism Faciliation Services offered by Find Health in Ecuador. Their free medical report is here.

See the specific topics for more information as it becomes available.

Medical Tourism 

Dental Tourism

Cosmetic Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

Many doctors practice at Santa Ines (St. Agnes) or Mount Sinai Hospitals. Cozy Colonial Cuenca Condo is conveniently close to both of them. Recuperate in the comfort of knowing you are close to your medical practitioners.

Santa Ines Medical Center


Mount Sinai Hospital

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