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It is very easy to reach CCCCondo from the airport. Just take any taxi and provide the address. Remember to give them the name of the street as well as the cross street. They most likely will not know the name of the building and it is not really that visible from the street. By law, all taxis are metered.

Generally, one does not tip the driver; however, if you choose to round up the fare by not getting change, the driver will be appreciative.

If a taxi driver tells you there is a charge for loading or unloading luggage, refuse the service and find another taxi in the queue. If you have already arrived at the condo and the driver tries to charge you more than the meter, ask for his license number and tell him you will report him to the police. This is usually enough to stop them in their tracks.

Hint: I generally find the best airline deals for seniors by using or any site that has a senior option. Those that do not, chances are you will pay more.

Airport codes:

Quito UIO

Cuenca CUE

Guayaquil GYE

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