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Some useful phrases for eating out:

Have you got a table for one/two/three/four persons? Tiene una mesa para una/dos/tres/cuatro personas?
almuerzo - lunch (note that dozens of restaurants have almuerzos for fixed prices that are super inexpensive. It pays to shop around, but if you pay over $3, it is not a bargain).

Can I see the menu? = Puedo ver el menu?
It tastes delicious = Es deliciosa
Can I have the bill, please = La cuenta, por favor
Salt = sal
Pepper = pimienta
Knife = cuchillo
Spoon = cuchara
Fork = tenedor
Meat = carne
Beef = res
Pork = cerdo
Eat well! = Buen provecho!

Going out/Nightlife:

Unfortunately Cuenca’s nightlife is fairly limited. Many bars can be found on Avenida Grand Colombia. If you like to relax and have a chat in a laid-back atmosphere, prefer trendy places or would like to dance some Salsa or Merengue with the locals – Cuenca’s nightlife meets most tastes.

A beer, please = Una cerveza, por favor
A big bottle of Pilsener = Una Pilsener grande
Have you got a boy/girl-friend? = Tienes un(a) enamorad(o/a)
What kind of cocktails do you have? = Que tipo de cocteles tiene?

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