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On our BudaBaB website, we have an "Our Picks" category where I list all the accommodations where we have stayed over the years, but only the ones we would highly recommend to others. Here, you will find something different.

For Cuenca, we want to highlight those artisans and food innovators from whom we have personally purchased some product(s). Ryan has had multiple businesses, so he is fully aware of how difficult it is to stand above the rest to survive, let alone flourish and prosper. Hence, we want to aid those people we appreciate, in getting a head start by promoting them here. We are not receiving any compensation or promotional gifts for listing them. They are here because we believe in their talents.

There are two lists. One is dedicated to food and the other to handcrafted items.

Our Choices for Food

Our Choices for Hand Created Items

Both lists, in print, are included in our Cozy Colonial Cuenca Condo Directory with over 85 pages of information to make your stay the best possible.

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